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Visitor comment from ‘My Life’
Interesting variety of viewpoints. I enjoyed the show.
Visitor comment from ‘Chaotic Harmony’

Today’s featured artist is Kyungwoo Chun.

"I like to give the person in front of the camera an active and conscious role to play. Because exposure takes so long, we spend a long time relaxing in each other’s company. This, of course, has nothing to do with chasing after the perfect moment and the “shooting” that goes on in traditional photography. Pressing the shutter is not the most important moment for me, rather it is just the beginning of a long journey.

I’d like the result of this process to be an overlay of empathy between me and the person in front of the camera—a shared silence or dialogue, depending on how the subject is feeling. After all, the subject is not a ‘mere’ model, but is just as essential to the process and to the creation of the photograph as I myself am.” —Kyungwoo Chun

For more about Chun, visit our Artist Page. To see aa (70 minutes)  in Chaotic Harmony, visit SBMA until September 19th.

Read the exhibition review by Hyewon Yi, Director of the Amelie A. Wallace Gallery at SUNY College at Old Westbury, New York.

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Thoughtful…Inspiring…I’ll go home and look at my stuff differently
Visitor comment from ‘My Life’